Advantages to the Hiring Company

Interim Leadership provides healthcare organizations with experienced healthcare IT consultants, contractors, or executives who are ready to step in at a moment’s notice. These leaders are skilled at managing critical initiatives and will make an immediate difference in your organization.

Hiring interim management, consultants, or contract staff workers provides greater staffing flexibility than hiring traditional employees. Because most contractors bring specialized expertise to the job, they can usually be productive immediately, reducing time and costs of training. This, combined with the idea that employers can hire for a specific task or project, make contract workers a good solution for fluctuating workloads. Another attractive option for employers is the idea of "try before you buy" in Contract-to-Hire situations.

Staff Augmentation / Contract Placement: short to long term personnel to meet your project or shorter term needs.

Interim Placement: short term and executive level coverage. eg: VP, CIO, CFO, CMIO

Contract to Hire: ensure organizational fit for both the contractor and the client

Advantages to the Contractor

Contract jobs usually last for a period of one month to one year (often longer) depending upon the company. Healthcare Consultants or Contractors normally get paid for hours of work with no benefits or holiday pay, but on most jobs you can make more money than if you were doing the same job working fulltime. Contract staff gets paid overtime unlike most salaried staff. Contract work has more flexibility than other types of jobs; candidates can decide the time, the place, and how they want to work while companies get the abilities they need to keep completely staffed during demanding times. Work by contract allows you to change your jobs regularly, particularly if you are working with short-term contracts. You can hardly get bored if you work for different companies and in different projects. Short term contract work can provide immediate work for interim employment situations, offering good insight and exposure to the company and the contractor before accepting full time employment.