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Our fees are employer-paid and there is never any cost to our candidates.
In addition, we help our candidates by providing the following services:

Job Search Expansion

Companies hire recruitment firms because they don't have the resources to conduct searches themselves. They prefer the professionalism and expertise the recruiters bring to the process. Some companies do not advertise or post jobs on the internet because they don't want to sort through a flood of resumes or their search is of a confidential nature.

Resume Assistance

Once you are identified as a qualified candidate, we will coach you throughout the job search process. This process will start by helping you fine tune your resume to emphasize your strengths and highlight your expertise for a particular healthcare IT position.

Interview Preparation

We provide you with the details regarding the history of the position. You will also learn who will conduct the interview, gain insight into the hiring authority's personality and learn what skills and intangible factors the hiring manager desires. This knowledge gives you awareness of what to emphasize from your experience.

Compensation Negotiation

Our expert recruiters help negotiate your compensation package. This allows all of your interactions with company representatives to focus on you and the skills you bring to the table. Signing bonuses and non-traditional benefits, such as extra vacation or telecommuting, are often viable options and we can help you manage those discussions.

Shortened Search Process

It is vital you communicate honestly with us so we can be more productive for you. We'll need to candidly talk about your bottom line and negotiables as it relates to job demands, salary and benefits to speed up the entire process. In addition, we coach our candidates about prompting references about potential inquiries and provide tips, such as candidates who labor over decisions or counter offers often lose out to less desirable candidates who are willing to move at a faster pace.

Confidential Job Search

If confidentiality is important to you, we will do our very best to use discretion and retain your privacy. We strive to always represent you and our clients truthfully and accurately in every situation because integrity is of the utmost importance to us - our reputation depends on it!

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